Friday, July 25, 2008

how long is it ..

Is it possible to have a soul mate. Is there more than one person out there for us? Has God desigined more than one person for us to be with? If God has more than one person that could be our soul mate how do we know if the one we meet is the one that is meant for the rest of our lives? what does the word soul mate really mean any?

How much of a good relationship is linked to the phyical part of a relationships? Is there ever a chance that the physical part no longer plays a roll in our happieness.

-- i feel OK is when I'm in his arms? but how do i know his arms or the only one that can make me feel this way? if i miss him does that mean he misses me ...just because two people are together does that mean they can be with each other forever. how do we know if its for one night or the rest of our lives? how do we understand what it means to always be on someones mind?

If your soul mate can only give you one aspect of what you need. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Finical. Spiritual. Is one part of a relationship more important than the rest.
-- thanks to promise of redemption i know have to figure out what this means. --- (atleast there is a pretty melody to it)

Monday, July 14, 2008

crunchy or smooth

Well as the summer rolls on i remember back to an easier day when the hardest decision we had to make was rather we wanted crunchy or smooth peanut butter. Actually if you think about it life is still a lot like are types of pb. The choice is ours rather we take a ruff course or an easy one. With summer jobs, road trips, ball games, and leaving situations its is easy to let our minds, hearts, and souls wonder to the land of safety but when is playing it safe not a safe idea, anymore.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

mixture of emotions

You know when your in that mood that ends up setting how you feel the rest of the day? well i have been in that mood for a week now, and i am trying to shake it off but to be totally honest i can't. i am so jealous that many of my ppl are back in Atown. i know that i am blessed to have my girls here in ft worth and i am very thankful for them but i feel like a big part of me is missing. i hate that i am feeling this way and i know i shouldn't be. i know that i should just focus on how i am gonna be able to see some ppl on the 4th but i am homesick.
Homesick .... not for a place, but for a group. For ppl who know when i am lying and putting on a front. For my girlfriends who can see me walk in a room and know that i am struggling with some form of thought. For my crazy boys who can make me laugh at the most immature things. To be able to run up the street to yell at a friend about the latest band i have found. To be able to play in the rain and pretend to be in the movie garden state. To be able to worship at crosspoint. To spend a half hour at the mall and actually hit every store in it.
i am just homesick and the funny thing is i have no home where i want to be.
The cure have been on my play list a lot recently and to wish impossible things is an epic song. song that fits my current mood.
remember how it used to be
when the sun would fill up the sky
remember how we used to feel
those days would never end
remember how it used to be
when the stars would fill the sky
remember how we used to dream
those nights would never end
those nights would never end
and all i wish is gone away
all i wish
is gone away
all i wish
is gone away

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Member the 1st time you went to camp? How amazing that experience was? No matter how great "camp" was like everything else in life it came to an end. And after a while you worked through the emotions of "camp" and learned what you could from it and basically just moved on with your life. Maybe you got a second chance to go back to "camp"and although the "staff" and "activities" were different it was still camp. So now your done with "camp" and a few years have passed but now you receive another chance to go back to that "camp" and this time your on the "staff" so the experiences is different once again. Do you take the chance to go again or do you stay behind content with what you have in your life at this time. Part of you wants to go to be able to see old familiar "places." On the other had you have already been down that road (twice) and may fall into old habits. So the real question is . . . when are we to old to go back and explore "camp" and when do we just have to accept the fact that "camp" is a part of our old life?